ICSE 2008 in Leipzig, Germany

30th International Conference on
Software Engineering ®
Leipzig, Germany, 10 - 18 May 2008

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Call for Submissions
Workshop Proposals

Scope and Goals

ICSE Workshops provide a forum for a group of typically 25 to 40 participants to exchange opinions on topics in software engineering research and practice. Workshop proposals will be reviewed by the ICSE 2008 Workshop Committee according to a set of criteria such as the potential to advance the state of software engineering research and practice, the organizers' commitment to stimulate discussion at the workshop, and the organizers' experience and ability to lead a successful workshop. ICSE 2008 Workshops may be either one or two days long and may be held before or after the main conference. Participation in ICSE workshops is typically open. ICSE workshops frequently include a call for papers to produce workshop proceedings to be published in the ACM and IEEE Digital Libraries.

Proposal Submission

Proposals must not exceed four pages in length, must follow the ICSE 2008 Workshop Proposal Template (doc, pdf) and must include the following information in the order specified:

  1. full contact information for all organizers of the workshop;

  2. identify a main contact for the workshop;

  3. the desired length of the workshop (i.e., one or two days);

  4. desired workshop date(s) and scheduling constraints; as usual workshops will be scheduled before and after the main ICSE 2008 conference;

  5. a one-page outline of the theme and goals of the workshop including a brief abstract (less than 175 words) intended for the ICSE 2008 workshop web pages;

  6. a statement discussing the relevance to the field of software engineering;

  7. plans for generating and stimulating discussion at the workshop;

  8. the desired minimum and maximum number of workshop participants;

  9. links for the preliminary web site of the workshop and call for papers;

  10. a list of program committee members including proposed and committed members;

  11. the participant solicitation and selection process including whether the workshop will be open or closed;

  12. plans for the workshop proceedings including an ideal number of papers and the maximum number of pages per paper imposed by the workshop (i.e., 7 pages);

  13. plans for electronic submission of papers; ICSE 2008 has arranged for accepted workshops to be able to use , if so desired, CyberChairPRO (details will be announced)

  14. a statement and justification of the expected number of participants to help determine whether the workshop is financially feasible - in case of previously held workshops, the number of submissions and registered attendees as well as the web site must be included;

  15. equipment, room capacity, and other logistics constraints; and

  16. a brief description of each organizer's background, including relevant past experience in organizing conferences and workshops.

We strongly encourage you to communicate the topic of your workshop to the workshop co-chairs by e-mail as early as possible to be able to recognize and resolve topic conflicts and overlaps before the proposal submission deadline.

Proposals must be submitted electronically via CyberChairPRO. The deadline for tutorial proposal submission is 12 October 2007.

Review and Evaluation Criteria

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by the ICSE 2008 Workshop Committee and evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The potential to advance the state of software engineering research and practice

  • The organizer's commitment to stimulate discussion at the workshop

  • The organizer's experience and ability to lead a successful workshop

  • Timeliness and expected interest in the workshop topics

  • The balance and synergy between all ICSE 2008 events


Each accepted workshop will have two (2) pages for a summary in the conference proceedings: this summary must be submitted by the ICSE 2008 camera-ready copy deadline (21 Feb 2008). Upon notification of acceptance, all authors of accepted workshops will be asked to complete an ACM Copyright form and will receive further instructions for preparing their camera ready versions according to the ICSE 2008 Format and Submission Guidelines.

Accepted workshops must adhere to the common deadlines listed below for submission of workshop papers, notification of acceptance of workshop papers, and preparation of the workshop proceedings. Workshop organizers must limit the length of any requested workshop papers to seven (7) pages and must follow the ICSE 2008 Format and Submission Guidelines.


ICSE 2008 will not pay for registration, travel, or other arrangements for workshop organizers or any of their invited speakers or guests. All participants, including workshop organizers, keynote speakers, and invited guests, must register for the workshop.

Workshop Co-Chairs

Gregor Engels     Hausi Müller

Gregor Engels and Hausi Müller

Workshop Committee Members

  • Brian Berenbach, Siemens Corporate Research, USA
  • Andrea de Lucia, Università di Salerno, Italy
  • Alexander Egyed, Teknowledge Corporation, USA
  • Jean-Marie Favre, University of Grenoble, France
  • Rick Kazman, University of Hawaii, USA
  • Rudolf Keller, Zühlke Engineering AG, Switzerland
  • Paul Layzell, University of Sussex, UK
  • Grace Lewis, Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, USA
  • Marin Litoiu, IBM Toronto Lab, Canada
  • Paul Strooper, The University of Queensland, Australia
  • Eleni Stroulia, University of Alberta, Canada
  • Kevin Sullivan, University of Virginia, USA
  • Walter Tichy, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Albert Zündorf, University of Kassel, Germany

Important Dates

Proposal Submission
12 Oct 2007

Organizer Notification
16 Dec 2007

Camera Ready Summary
21 Feb 2008

Format and Submission Guidelines

Proposal Template (doc, pdf)



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