ICSE 2008 in Leipzig, Germany

30th International Conference on
Software Engineering ®
Leipzig, Germany, 10 - 18 May 2008

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Call for Submissions
Research Demonstrations


The ICSE 2008 Research Demonstrations track will provide a forum for conference participants to use presentations, live demonstrations, and interactive poster presentations to learn more about research tools from the software engineering community. This track is intended to showcase early implementations of tool support for novel and innovative software engineering techniques and processes. The tools and demonstrations should be suitable for presentations that can be communicated effectively to a large audience using standard projection equipment.


The program will include two categories of demonstrations: formal research demonstrations and informal research demonstrations:

  • Formal research demonstrations are tool demos suitable for mature presentations. Each such demonstration will be presented during a formal presentation session. In addition, we expect presenters to be available for additional informal demonstrations to participants. Four-page papers will be published in the ICSE proceedings.

  • Informal research demonstrations will be demonstrated only informally, through one-on-one or small-group interactions, in a suitably allotted time slot. Two-page extended abstracts will be published in the ICSE companion proceedings.

Review and Evaluation Criteria

Each submission will be reviewed by at least two members of the research demonstrations committee. The committee will review each submission to assess the relevance and quality of the proposed demonstration in terms of originality, soundness, and presentation quality.

Submissions should describe their relevance to software engineering, discuss the level of maturity of the tool, and reference the technical foundations upon which they are based (typically, through appropriate references to previously-published work).

Based on reviewers' comments and recommendations, the committee will classify accepted demonstrations as either formal or informal research demonstrations which will be published in the conference resp. companion proceedings.


Research demonstration proposals must conform to the ICSE 2008 Format and Submission Guidelines.

Submissions should consist of a single document with two to three parts. The first part, at most four pages, should describe the tool presented. The second part, as an appendix of at most two pages, should explain how the demonstration will be carried out and what it will show. Optionally, authors may attach up to four additional pages of screen dumps, well-captioned, to illustrate the planned demo.

Proposals must be submitted electronically via CyberChairPRO.


Final camera ready papers will follow the ICSE 2008 Format and Submission Guidelines. The camera ready for formal demonstrations will be limited to four pages. The camera ready for informal demonstrations will be limited to two pages that will summarize the original submission. All accepted formal research demonstration papers will be published in the conference proceedings and the informal research demonstration short papers will be published in a companion proceedings, both of which will also be available electronically.

Presentation and Demonstration

Besides the paper, the authors of accepted formal demonstrations will be expected to deliver both presentations and demonstrations. The authors of the accepted informal demonstrations will be expected to deliver demonstrations only.

  • Presentations: presentations of the technical characteristics of the systems will be demonstrated during a session of the conference. Two data projectors will be available, so that both a live demonstration and the slides can be projected at the same time.

  • Demonstrations: There will be a separate time slot for demonstration of about 3 hours in a venue equipped for small-group informal demonstrations. In this way, ICSE attendees and demonstrators will have more opportunities for stimulating one-on-one interactions. Only desks will be provided during this time period.

  • Posters: Authors should prepare posters to display during the demonstration slot; the posters will also be on display during breaks for ICSE participants to view.


We will not provide any computing equipment such as computers, disk drives, or monitors. We will, however, provide basic electronic projection capabilities during the formal demonstration and desks for the informal demonstrations.

Research Demonstrations Committee Co-Chairs

Betty Cheng     Holger Giese

Betty Cheng and Holger Giese

Research Demonstrations Committee Members


Important Dates

30 Nov 2007

Author Notification
20 Jan 2008

Camera Ready
21 Feb 2008

Format and Submission Guidelines



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